My Furry Beasties

I have always loved big furry dogs.  My first two dogs were lab mixes and they were fabulous dogs.  Lucky and Shelby taught me how much furry beasties could enrich my life.  Sadly, they have gone over the rainbow bridge and I picture them chasing endless tennis balls and eating all the snacks they can get their paws on.

Labs are lovely furry friends, but I had my heart set on even bigger, fluffier beasties. We brought home my first Newfoundland and I was hooked.


Daisy is a big furry cuddle bug.  She is our resident Nap Queen.  She loves to swim wherever she can and enjoys very short walks.  During our Texas heat, she prefers walking to the end of the driveway and then turning around and heading home for a quick nap.  She adores kids and story time and snuggling most of all.

After a few years, we decided that Daisy needed a sister and we brought home Diana.


Diana is a furry goofy Newfie.  She prefers to think of herself as a wild beastie, unlike her more majestic sister.  She loves to steal Daisy’s toys and regularly causes trouble.  Diana enjoys a good run and works hard to keep our yard safe from pesky squirrels and suspicious-looking birds.  After all that, this silly pup likes to have her paws held and rubbed until she falls asleep.

We also live with a small furry bunny named Mr. Snowy.


Mr. Snowy has lived with us the longest of all our furry friends.  He is by far the smallest furry beastie, weighing in at only three pounds.  He secretly rules the house.

Our newest furry friend is Ms Betty Bunny.

IMG_3316Ms Betty is an explorer by nature and does not concern herself with the opinion of others. Except, possibly, Mr Snowy.  Although she is about four times bigger than Mr. Snowy, she adores him and they are the best of friends.

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